The name says it all, This shape was developed for Competition rider and weekend warrior in mind.

The Modern Mals are all rounders, Very stable, easy to walk and rip and tear.

These are high volume classic style Noseriders, They Paddle well and Locks in to the wave for hanging ten.

The Streamline is a smooth shape through the water, Picks up waves easy and is a dream to trim.

These are timeless shapes from the 60's,Usually tinted resin Glassed in volan. Very different to what your used to but Pure fun to ride.

Shapes like Fish, Stubbies, Twinies and Mini Simmons are all built for one thing, Getting out there and having fun. 

Mini Mals Give a mal feeling with out the walking, very easy boards to ride but do need a bit more effort than the full size mals. Great if your coming off a shortboard.