Hand shaped by - Killer -

This shape is one of my favorites, I consider this board to be an allrounder. It is a large board that doesn't feel like a big board and moves freely through the water.

It has stability and speed which is rare in boards of this size. A real fun board to ride.


Size - 9'6"x 23"x 3 1/4" ( Pictured )

Blank - Surfblanks Aust -Green Density

Stringer - 9mm Hardwood ply

Shape - Noserider

Volume - 83 litres

Weight - 8kg

Bottom - Single concave to a "Vee" in the tail

Rocker - Nose=4 1/2"- Tail=3"

Rails - 60/40 with an edge in the tail

Glass - 6x6x6oz / hot coat / gloss coat

Fins - Single 10" box



Design No. NR22

Size - 9'6"x 23"x 3 1/4"

Red spray on deck

Black Pin lines

Design No. NR25

Size - 9'6"x 23"x 3 1/4"

Red spray / blue stripes

Blue pin lines

Design No. NR15

Size - 9'6"x 23"x 3 1/4"

Grey resin tint

6x6x6oz Cut & lap Glass